Hey guys! If you have any suggestions or input on adding new things to my blog please let me know by adding a comment below. If I end up using your suggestion then I will probably end up adding you to my blogroll for your help. Thanks everyone for taking your time to view my page and help me out!

-Pretty Fly



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  1. cool

  2. My idea is that for a suggestion you should put up videos made by Planet Cazmo

    • I have a few on the sidebar… Thanks tho i did plan on adding more in the future. Good Idea!

      • lol, One of them is mine, xD.

      • Haha i just realized that.. Cool! Hope u dont mind that it is on there.

      • lol no, its ok…

  3. lol Buzz he has that already

  4. Go to your dashboard.
    Click on your name at the very top, next to Turbo, and Log Out.
    Go down until you see “Contact Info.”
    Go to “Website,” then type your sites name. (
    And click on “Update Your Profile.”

    Now, whenever you comment on somebody else’s site, whenever people click on your Name, it will send them directly to this site, and you will get more hits.
    Also, try commenting on a lot of Planet Cazmo sites, and you will get more hits.

  5. Also, i will try posting about your site in my site, so you can get more hits.
    Ps: I like helping people, especially Cazmos, xD.

  6. Umm… I’m going to recommend you for Ambassador right now… good luck!

  7. Done, I recommeded you to Chief, and I Sk8ter Girl I, xD. I told Chief that her and Heart Broken were sisters, thats why they ahd the same IP.
    Good Luck.

    • Thanks! I haven’t heard anything from them yet.

      • Yeah, you need to wait like a month or two LOL, I think…

      • Actually Im in.. I just got the email.

      • Haha lol, Congrats!! That was fast… (I think Chief likes me, lol)

  8. Umm u could make a funy pix page??
    And Ur eally being an ambassador?? I have recommended u and I become so happy when ppl that I recommend become PCAPs, but u know I have never seen u on pc but I heard many ambass. talking good abt u!!

  9. Pretty fly is da man! O ye! why am i talking like a gangster? You tell me. Anywhoz congrats on pcap. Best of luck from me!!!!!!

  10. Thanks mike and Kokeeto and jeszuz for especially for recommending me. And yea im not even eligible to be cadet yet i cant believe im still in the first month of using PC lol.

  11. I Would Say…Like A Tutrial page to show things like how to do this eg headers,help,quest videos ect

  12. Hey! Love the site! You can probably make an Membership page, and what Members recieve, like when you buy stuff with pictures of pets, cars, and stuff like tht.
    ~ Rocker259

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