Talk to the owl at the post office to begin

Level One
Cyclops Skull – Lake Cazmo
Chalice of Eyes – Body Shop
Captive Snake – Space Port
Snailien – Town Square
Optonomicon – Playground
Map of wonder – Garage

When your done, go back to Town Hall and talk to the owl

Level Two
Snailen – Cazmo Mall (the tree next to clothing shop)
Cyclops skull – Theater
Map of wonder – Skateshop
Captive Snake – Inside club cazmo
Chalice of eyes – Lake Cazmo
Optonomicon – Bodyshop

When finished go back to Town Hall and talk to the owl.

Level 3
Cyclops Skull – Behind Clothing shop
Chalice of Eyes – Behind bodyshop
Captive Snake – Cazmo Club  (under the money tree)
Map of wonder- Neighborhood (hidden in bushes)
Optonomicon – Bodyshop (hiding behind the big tree thats full of eyes)
Snailen – Playground (behind park sign)

Now your done the Mayors Mystery Quest.Now you can continue doing the quest and each time the owl will give you 100 cazmo coins! Talk to the owl, and he will give you this Wizard Suit!

To start of talk to the shark!

In “Towelz” In the Lower Left.
Pirate Flag:
In “Pump It” Middle Right.
In “Sun Island” Middle Top.
Pirate Hat:
In “Cazmo Ball” Middle.
Treasure Chest:
In “Statue Island” Top Right.
In“Dock 1″ Middle Left.
In “Blue Hut” Middle Right.
Gold Coins:
In “Ice Hut” Middle Left.
In “Splat Hut” Down Right.

Then, go talk to the Shark, and you have to find Pirate Pete

Pirate Pete:
Location “Dock 2″
He is in a ship, and talk to him to give you the Pirate Suit…

How to complete the new quest in steps..Part 1
1. first u must talk to mama caz.
2. go to the lake guy, to the ampetheter guy, (go inside club cazmo)andtalk to the diner lady, go to the garage outside talk to the person (outside) and talk to peter in the cazmo mall not mama caz peter the clothes shopper.
3. after go to town square and talk to the fox.
4. after u must go in this order first go to the diner lady then go to peter then go to the garage person and then to to the ampetheater person.
5. talk to mama caz and u will go inside the zibs place.
6. they will give u a cop suit and a free space ship (the green one)cpc
7. go to space and go to the bottom right hand side place and follow the alien space ship until it gives u an object
8. after u get the object go to the zibs again and talk to them they will say it is a video from wat torgo and jeff done.
9. after go to jeffs house and (go inside) and click the frigde to get the food for the fish.
10. Then go to torgos house and (go inside) and talk to the fish u give him the food and he will say”i sense torgo but i need more food”
11. after go to the zibs again and that will be all of part 1 maybe next week they will put part 2

Part 2 for rescue Jeff and Torgo!
1. First u must go to the pet shop and ask the person outside the shop and tell him u want yougurt crisps!!
2. Go to the zibs and give them the yougurt crisps to them (Town Hall)




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  1. It must have take you a lot of time to make this.

  2. Great Job!!

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