Cazmo Cash

There are four ways to earn Cazmo Cash.

1. You can click the little money sign at the bottom of the screen and purchase it.


2. You can become a Planet Cazmo Member where you will earn 1000 Cazmo Coins and 100 Cazmo Cash ($5 USD worth) allowance each month to spend on clothes, house decorations and more!


3. You can fill out some surveys and you will receive cash, but make sure you don’t put in too much personal information.. as someone mite use it to call you or spam you!

4. Or you can use the Refer a Friend option.

What you do is send referrals to up to four of your friends at a time. If they sign up by using your invite sent to their email inbox, you will receive 200 Cazmo Coins and 50 Cazmo Cash!

*IMPORTANT* (The friend that you send the referral to cannot already have a Cazmo registered to that email address or else you will not receive your bonus.)




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  1. I have like 70 CC that i never use, xD.

  2. Great support!!

  3. Try doing the survey on my account. Lol as koke did on other page i am helping u try and be pcap too lol

  4. I’ll take it Jezuz lol jk I don’t really understand the surveys

  5. umm check PC now there is now a fourth way take a survey but only parents do it. but i did like 25 of them and it said you have to be older than 18! and i got lots of cc with fake info!!!!!!!

  6. I got cc from playspan.

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