PrettyFlyCazmoKing is the Cazmo webpage by Planet Cazmo’s user “Pretty Fly”. This website will have cool tips and hints and also the latest updates made to Planet Cazmo. Keep coming back to see all the new updates and keep up with Pretty Fly. Oh and if you were wondering how or what the name means… Listen to the song by the Offspring “Pretty Fly for a White Guy”. hehe

Pretty Fly

Pretty Fly

If your lucky you will see me roaming around… be sure to say hi! =)

-Pretty Fly



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  1. Wow, best site ever.

  2. pretty cool
    -king cobra 88

  3. OMG, Can’t stop commenting! xD

  4. Hey prettyfly, on the twitter it says Working on RichCoolDude’s banner! — also floating thrones are coming for Ambassador/Cadet/Cazmo of the week! 4 hours ago
    What does floating thrones mean? Because I haven’t heard of that yet

  5. WHOOPS nvm mind bout my last comment!

  6. aha aha u got cool blog hehe
    au revoir

    • Thanks! XD I kinda like it too… hehe

  7. cool msuic, and thx for the comment, i edit my site, cuz it was ugly xD

    • Cool! i love the black and white theme. Ill add you to my blogroll.

  8. cool site

  9. I agree to someone up the ^(cant remember name) I thought gamerz site was great now i found u! THE BEST SITE EVER! Lol i sound like a crazed fan

  10. Best site I’ve ever seen

  11. Haha i cant stop looking at ur site Day ‘N’ Nite!!!!

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