New Updates!

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Hello Everyone! Today PC Updated Cazmo And Brought Us New Clothes And Some More Stuff!

First up is the new shirts and new pants for Cazmo Cash And Cazmo Coins.


The Summer Items at the beach shop are all on sale except for the Mimo surfboard for this week only!


There Is also new posters made by Black Wolf,AgentCazmo, and Beta Omer in the house poster shop


Also LLoyd Is BACK!! He Gives you a lazer dart Surfboard so if you dont have a surfboard try and go look for LLoyd he will be all over the beach looking for new friends!


Lastly there is a new mod gift called Mouse Slippers There soft and warm for your feet! lol i got it today (Friday) from finding crazy legs in mod hunt!


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PCAP 65 Ambassador RichCoolDude


Updates And Kate Earl!

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Hello Cazmos

Today Planet Cazmo Updated and brought some new Clothes BUT NO UNDERWATER WORLD!!! And There is A Kate Earl Concert from Friday-Saturday every hour on the hour for 14 minutes, There are some clothes for cazmo cash and cazmo coins.


Heres Are Some Of  The Kate Earl Concert Pictures:


And there is a new mod gift called Clown Pants i belive i am the first one to get it


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PCAP 65 Ambassador RichCoolDude


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Hey Guys!
Today PC Updated But Sadly No Underwater world But there is new shoes in the clothing store for cazmo cash


And theres new surfboards for cazmo coins and cazmo cash, here is a cool pic with all the new surfboards


PCAP 65 Ambassador RichCoolDude

New Mod Gift

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Hey guys, along with the new updates, a mod gift came! Still no ambassador badge though 😥 It’s some freaky foreign hat that’s called Blue Fez. Wow that sorta sounds like it could be the name of a soda lol. But I’m pretty sure I was the first group to get it. We saw Flava at the cazmo mall :mrgreen:


~Baseball Bat~


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Ok here are some of the updates from this week. Unfortunatly, the PCAP badges didn’t come in yet 😦


The hot deals…


~Baseball Bat~


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Hello Cazmos!

There are some new updates in cazmo today! First of all theres some new clothes! Heres a pic of the new shirts:




Here are the new Hairs:


And here are some new pants:




Here is the hot deals section if u look at the bottom it will show New Jeff & Torgo Posters:

Lastly, Whenever somethings loading it will say this:


Also this is the 150th post! with 90 from me and the rest from the other workers! And with 1,190 comments!

PCAP 65 Ambassador RichCoolDude

Btw ill introduce myself in my next post, pf lol

Base’s Dumb Lil Talkshow Episode 1

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Hey guys, I know you’ve been waiting for my first episode of Base’s Dumb Lil Talkshow. Thanks for being my first guest Redguin!

~Baseball Bat~

New Author!

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Hey guys, my name is Baseball Bat. I’m a new worker on Pretty Fly’s site. Thanks for adding me Pretty Fly! Here’s a bit of info about myself:

I’m a Cazmo that was a beta tester. I’m not yet a member of planet cazmo. I always try to find everything possible to do in Planet Cazmo. I accept friend requests of people who have sites or people who are nice. My favorite server is Beatstreet. I’ll be on Beatstreet mostly. My favorite place is the beach.  My favorite game is Phrux’s Goalie Showdown. My favorite item is the baseball cap. Oh and I hate it when people call me Baseballbat. It’s Baseball Bat!

Heres my cazmo. I’m funny lookin ain’t I?


Here’s my site:

~Baseball Bat~

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