I AM still alive.

June 15, 2009 at 3:24 pm | Posted in Other | 25 Comments

I apologize for the break I had to take. If you didn’t know my grandma was in the hospital and we’re getting ready to move so I have been really busy. But on a better note, I think I may be ambassador soon! If I ever get the follow up email from Chief Ambassador. How long does it usually take?

-Pretty Fly



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  1. I’ve had my site for months and I never got an email……


  3. I got the one email iviting me to join the PCAP program and i replied to it with the information they wanted.. but i haven’t heard back from them since. It was like 2 weeks ago. And YES, Rosenblatt Stadium is like 5 miles from my house. I go every year 😉

  4. u can tell i love baseball just from my username lol

  5. Congrats on being a ambassador! You will make a big impact.

  6. How was the cws

  7. I love baseball too. My favorite sport actually! and the CWS was awesome like always. You watch it on tv?

  8. pf it usually takes about like a month for me to gt my hat and my badge and all tht

  9. nah i didn’t get to see it. I had a baseball bat

  10. srry baseball game lol

  11. It doesn’t take that long…

  12. Congratz!

  13. r u gonnna be at the archuleta concert?

  14. Champs it takes like a week or two

    • not for it didnt

  15. Congratz!

    –Ambassador SunRayz

  16. how’s ur grandmother doing?

  17. pf are u there?????????

  18. lol I think he died right after he made this post

  19. lol

  20. you are very lucky PF! I have had my site and cazmo for a year now!

  21. Prettyyyy Wbb look at my blog i made one while u where likkeee not here (http://admintwincazmo.wordpress.com) and i want a header because mine sucks lol =D

  22. admin this post was made in june…

  23. Ik but idc!xl

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