Pretty Fly – No More Headers!

June 6, 2009 at 11:22 pm | Posted in Site Updates | 58 Comments

Hey guys! I have worked on many headers the last week and consider me “header’d out”… I am done making them for free due to so many people asking me for them. I just don’t have the time to make them everyday. Sakura’s will be the last one I’m doing for now. So sorry to everyone that want’s one still but I will probably make some in the future. But here are some of the ones I made so check them out and let me know what you guys think!

-Pretty Fly

Paris007 (DARKER)

Paris007 (BLUISH)

Paris007 (PINK)

Beta Omer

Black Wolf

PCAP Ambassador Page

Rafter17 (BLUE)


Rafter17 (PURPLE)


Rich Cool Dude (PURPLE)

Rich Cool Dude (BLUE)

Rich Cool Dude (DARK)

Roblox12 (DARK)

Roblox12 (ORANGE)

Roblox12 (PURPLE)



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  1. whoa nice headers

  2. Awwwwwwwwww cmon pls I was going to ask u sooner but I have a rlly bad fever :& 😦 if u get a chance can u make me one? Can u atleast give me the photoshop file for Beta Omers header?

  3. 2 questions why did u make some of them in multiple colors? And how or were did u make or get the background image for the headers?

    • I made them different colors so they could pick which ones they like better. And I get pictures for the background and modify them myself.. most of the time i just make my own backgrounds myself using photoshop.

  4. Agent dont make a header like mine

  5. lol agent hes probably made about 20 headers in the last week, I don’t think he wants to make many more..

  6. BW he wouldn’t of made as many if he just made one per person right? And there’s 16 headers there for 6 people and BW ur one to talk considering that he made u 2 headers for 2 seperate sites. and Omer it’s not gonna look anything like urs I just like the background and font. Also Pretty Fly how’d u make the purple glow thing around the header? What version of photoshop do u have?

  7. I made more than what you see on that post lol … those are just the ones ppl ended up using. I used photoshop cs3 but u can pretty much do that in any version. Its just an outer glow… you have the same thing on your header around one of your cazmo guys .. just tweak it around a bit until it looks how you want it.

  8. Agent, that header for the PCAP Blog isn’t for me, it’s for the PCAP. That’s why it’s the PCAP Blog. If it were mine it would be very messed up.. All I did was add people to it

    • LOL BW another words u asked him for 2 different headers. What I’m trying to say is be happy with what u have

  9. Exactly so instead of making so many headers for so little people y not make headers for a lot of people? I have Photoshop Elements 7 and isn’t as advanced as CS3 ik how to put glows but I can’t make that thing. What font is the main text in Omers header? Does it come with photoshop or do u download it? Could you atleast make me a background image similar to Omers with the font? I can do the rest

    • As i stated in the post that you commented on… RIGHT UP THERE! Im not making them because I don’t have the time to right now. My grandma is in the hospital sick with cancer and I don’t have the time to sit and make banners for free right now.. i just don’t have the time…. Ill say it once more… I don’t have the time. I decided to make banners for cool people who were nice enough to comment on my site and compliment my site and stuff like that. And as I said before I will probably start to make them again sometime in the future. So instead of nagging me to make a banner because you think Im suppose to make everyone banners, why don’t you learn to make one yourself. Go to google. Type in photoshop tips. And maybe you will learn something. Please don’t ask me again and I might make you one someday. The font was a downloaded font you can get it for free too. Google it.

      Sorry if anyone thinks that’s mean. But I don’t really care…

      • Agent i will make you one. just be patient ok.

      • I am just making a point about the headers. And I’m sorry to hear about ur grandmother.Like I said I’ve been sick all weekend myself.And also like I said befor ik how to make headers but u are better than me. I don’t think u are mean and if u do make one take ur time I understand. I’m srry if I have sounded angry and impatient but my fever was up at 103 and i’ve been In a bad mood.

  10. PF ur not mean and agent seriously if he doesnt want to HE DOESNT WANT TO!!! You dont need to be greedy about it be thankful about YOUR header PF ur not mean at all…Agent seriosly no need to get angry over a header

  11. Oh and Pretty Fly ROX!

  12. RCD shutup he made you a header to. And idk y u need one u asked me for a button and I made u a button and u asked me for a header and I was going to make u one too. After I made u the button u had Beta V1 make u a button. So ur Just a whiney little baby. I’m to mature to curse on this site. While I’m yelling at u, u work for every single active planetcazmo site ik of with exceptions to mine, Berries, Sacreds, Goops and a few others. you told me the reason you work for so many sites is ppl just keep adding u well yes they do because ur black mailing them and promising them things u aren’t rlly going to. Why do u ask ppl for headers and buttons when u make ur own for ppl and try to charge them! On all the sites u work on u make 3-4 posts one introducing ur self to the site. One with each of your buttons. And one with ur site URL. You just want to be sooo popular on pc an advertise ur site. Ik u had a conversation with Berry in her XAT and u admitted u don’t care about pcap u just want the pcap stuff. When did I say he is mean? So shut up and think befor u act as us mommy has probly told u.

    • Agree with every single word 😀

  13. Guys, lets just stop this fight, it’s not a good thing to do, and it’s even worse that we’re doing it on Pretty Fly’s Site.

    • When did this become a fight?

      • lol, its not a fight, cause AC is winning LOL Jkjk. Anyways, I agree with AC, RCD just wants to Advertice his site. The only thting he does is Advertice his site on Famous people’s site, and always says “POST THIS BUTTON EVERYWHERE” lol.


      • Lol Jeszuz..

      • I’m like Chuck Norris 😀

  14. awww fly srrry to hear abt yr grandma 😦 cries
    hope she have a speedy recovery…
    ttys paris 🙂

  15. oppsie srry fly del tat one hehe wrg account ..aaah wait i coment gain

  16. Awww fly srry to hear abt yr grandma 😦 cries
    Hope she have a speedy recovery
    ttys au revoir

  17. hey you havent finished mine i want one kinda like betaomers but improved.

  18. Awsome,Brilliant,Amazing Site And Most Of All Amazing Headers Anyway U Are So Skilled On The Pc lol unlike me
    Keep Up Da Gd Work
    ~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

  19. Wow! Nice headers! Nice job pretty fly! 😀 My blog is It would be nice if you visit it, Thanks! 😀 -chewy

  20. rcd always advertises-thts one of the reasons he isnt a staff on my site and pf i dont see my name in the blogroll lol jjust do it when u get a chance thx (

    a champ

  21. I’m not asking you to make one for me,
    I’m just gonna ask, Which program did you use?

    They’re rly good:)

    • Thanks everyone! I have used Adobe Photoshop CS3 for a few years. But you can use pretty much any version to do what i do i think.

  22. aww sorry to hear abt ur grandma, wish her the best!!

  23. o.O
    Nice Header.
    Lol didnt have time to ask you one ;(
    But anyway

    Btw Nice Blog xD

  24. Well here are a few things which i need to comment lol.
    Well anywhoz first thing is pretty fly great site. I dno how pcap have missed you as your probably one of the best there is.
    Next thing great headers lol. I love the pcap blog one.
    Ok and next thing rcd you do over advertise and work on every single site lol. thats not a bad thing to some as it shows you have good knowledge to go and do that. I would but i dont lol
    Next thing sorry about your grandma! Hope she recovers soon!
    Next thing pretty fly you must be so delighted with 34! Comments. Wowzer you beat my record and ive had my site longer than u.
    Next up i better stop rambling on.
    And last this is for pcap. PICK PRETTY FLY! Lol
    ~The Mikeafc~

  25. Hey Guys,
    I know a lot of you have been bothering Pretty Fly to make you a header, and you really want one.
    Pretty Fly’s headers ARE awesome, but if you want some kind of similar ones, I can make you them too. But they’re Waaaay worse than pretty fly’s. If you wanna check mine out, go to, and comment.

    –Ambassador SunRayz

  26. Hope ur grandmas ok. Btw nice headers. I tried to make one myself, it stinks. lol

  27. Can you check out my new header on my site Pretty Fly?

  28. Guys,


    Lets act like mature ambassodors here. And Ac, Ur to “mature To cuse.” That’s a lie. Well, give PF a break. I know what its like to have a sick grandmother. She had Cancer, and she died last feb. Please be nice to PF in the bad times he is currently in. Just please act like mature ambassodors please. Rcd didn’t State annything bad to you, he was just saying that u need to calm down alittle. And Beta? Ur letrting this all Fly? Ok guys, theres no need to fight about headers. Weell, maybe sinc PF is not able to do this. U can stop over at my site and look at my headers, and maybe I’ll make you one. Ik there not as good as PF’s but there OK. So guys, just settle alittle, and go enjoy ur summer days! =)

    -Bostvick Comment I’ll make a header!

    • Yeah ok Bos how about you shut up too, believe what u want. When I wrote those comments I was very sick and I’ve had family probs too. Do ur self a favor and read all the comments this is all old news I’m not in the best mood right now. When did this become a fight anyways. Anyone else who has something to say save it and read the old comments. Interns of RCD ik a lot of ppl have been fed up with him and so have I like I said read my old comments. Plus I make headers my self ok mine aren’t as graphicly good as Pretty Flys. But SqudSqud and Beta V1’s are better by far (they rarely play pc anymore) my headers have better qualities in other senses like I can animate mine. And believe me I’m next best after PF idc really now let’s just drop this.

  29. say get well soon to ur grandma and i hope u and ur grandama will gonna have a bright and happy summer!

  30. Nice 41 comments lol

  31. No,

    I think Beta Omer comes next..

    • Like I said idc and Omers are better than urs

  32. Yep, i no, but im getting up there. Im probabley one of the youngest players on cazmo right now. well maybe like below average. I think the average is like 13 to 14. I just started using PS last month. Im not trying to be like a little baby were i get everything, but im only 11. But, im happy i started playing cazmo bc it got me into a new hobby. “graphical design” Well, better be on the llook out, i bet i can get better then u AC. No affense. Not trying to start a fight. *Friends* Or maybe be nice to echother?

    -Bostvick- =)

    • Ok so first this was a fight now it’s a competition. The age of cazmo users really varies. Btw last time I checked “graphical” isn’t a word. And interms of u getting better than me…my original headers were considered really good and I only used Paint for them. I only got photoshop a few months ago. Plus I only have Photoshop Elements 7 which isn’t considered a full version. Idk what u have. So ok suurrreee u will get better than me. Idk why this arguement is still going on, It’s rlly stuiped and immature.

  33. You know what AC! Um rly getting tired of you! At least i was the mature one here to say sorry! I dont care about yo ‘awesome’ headers.and lets see i was elements too! and thanks for making fun of a cazmo. Ur a great Planet Cazmo ambassodor. Graphical- ill say that word all da time, i dont rly care. Sorry, i dont have a dictinary in my head were i can look words up.From RCD:also say well look at beta omer hes advertizing it to facebook advertizing his twitter look at him too!!!
    PF,im sorry about all this.

    • Bos I made that last comment befor u apologized, and interms of Omer all he does is put a footer on his posts, there’s nothing wrong with that with RCD when he makes a post there is no useful information, yesterday I was going to apologize to you to but A. I was furious at Neon Knights and B. My dad made me get off the computer. Im Sorry and don’t bother making another comment here because I’m not going to answer it, if u want to talk to me talk on planet cazmo.

  34. look what i found lol

    –adjective Also, graph⋅i⋅cal. 1. giving a clear and effective picture; vivid: a graphic account of an earthquake.
    2. pertaining to the use of diagrams, graphs, mathematical curves, or the like; diagrammatic.
    3. of, pertaining to, or expressed by writing: graphic symbols.
    4. written, inscribed, or drawn.
    5. depicted in a realistic or vivid manner: graphic sex and violence.
    6. containing graphic descriptions: a graphic movie.
    7. Geology. (of a rock) having a texture formed by the intergrowth of certain minerals so as to resemble written characters.
    8. Mathematics. pertaining to the determination of values, solution of problems, etc., by direct measurement on diagrams instead of by ordinary calculations.
    9. of or pertaining to the graphic arts.

    –noun 10. a product of the graphic arts, as a drawing or print.
    11. a computer-generated image.


    1630–40; < L graphicus of painting or drawing < Gk graphikós able to draw or paint, equiv. to gráph(ein) to draw, write + -ikos -ic; c. carve

    Related forms:

    graph⋅i⋅cal⋅ly, adverb
    graph⋅i⋅cal⋅ness, graph⋅ic⋅ness, noun

    1. striking, telling; detailed.

  35. Well if you wont make anymore can you tell me what pic editior you use?

    • I use photoshop CS3

      • I can’t get photoshop. It’s too exspensive. 😦

  36. cool 😉

  37. Hope she gets better and i’ve never seen a blog like this it’sthe best 😉

  38. tell me when you do ur headers again. Thanks PCB

  39. Hi pretty fly you havent got back to me about that email i sent you can you plz reply.
    ~Rip RRS

  40. Awwww lolz this is the 1st time I’ve been to ur site and it’s pretty nice. It’s very organized and stuff. Oh and If u start your headers again please comment on my site (just clik on da name)

    (Ambassador) Neeko 24 8) <—Summer '09

  41. ahh man ur like a header making master

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