Brand New Cazmoniam Update Center Site!

June 3, 2009 at 6:17 pm | Posted in Other | 12 Comments

Hey Everyone! If your like me, and you could get all of the top secret information about what’s new and have all of your Planet Cazmo updates all on one site, then you should DEFINITELY check out this site!  http://www.CazmoUpdates.Co.TV

Cazmonian Update Center

Cazmonian Update Center

It’s the new Cazmonian Update Center run by CazRoyal Inc. Don’t forget to bookmark this either as your going to be going back to the site again in the future! Or you can find a link in the blogroll section of my site (on the sidebar) as well. Well I hope you guys enjoy this site and remember to come back and check for more updates as I will post all the cool stuff I hear about too. Have a great day!

-Pretty Fly



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  1. Your site is awesome! I love the graphics.

  2. Thanks alot! i spent alot of time on it.

  3. I work for CazRoyal! xD

  4. Hey Pretty Fly,
    Can you make me a logo with a transparent or white background the has cool effects and says
    PLanet Cazmo 411.
    If you can, that would be really cool.



  5. Hey Pretty Fly I’m Ambassador AgentCazmo. I get a lot of compliments about my headers but when I saw the ones u made I was like :O I really love the header u made for Beta Omer! Can u make me a similar one?! My site is pls make it the same pixels as my current header if u can


  6. Wow, Don’t you get tired of making a lot of headers?

  7. lol he says its his hobby but I would get SO bored

    • haha actually I do sometimes Ive made so many lately I dunno how many more ill be able to make lol

  8. So can u make me one?

    • Im still in the process of making a bunch of them so ill let you know when im done with them

  9. Well done with this post, Pretty!

    -You know who 🙂

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